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After years of repair and impeller replacement, a power plant could not operate at full load with two Allis Chalmers 17 VTF condensate pumps. APR discovered the plant was using aftermarket impellers that had not been back-filed. We corrected the problem, allowing them to run at full load with the two pumps.

A water treatment plant had its IR 20 PK intake pumps lock up after sitting idle. APR supplied a wear-ring flush system that kept sand from settling in the rings during shut-down.
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A steel mill was getting about a year's life on its Goulds 16 DHLO pumps. The first photograph shows the cast-iron bell after the first year of service. The second photograph shows our bell and liner after one year of service. A refinery received about six years life on its Peerless 36 HH cooling tower pumps. We changed the impeller material so that it is more resistant to cavitation. The first picture is the bronze impeller after six years of service. The second picture is our 316 stainless impeller after six years of service.